Mango Banking Project

Recently, Mango Exchange launched a project to start banking related business in Laos.

From now on, we will prepare for establishment and operation.

If preparations are progressing smoothly without issues; such as contracts with local business partners, we would be able to start account opening and debit card issuance from August to September.

Details will be announced later.

In addition, we now start selling new products "+ (plus) membership" from June in preparation for business expansion.

Owners Club members will receive points when they introduce "+ (plus) membership" customers (Affiliate privilege).

For users whom purchased "+ (plus) membership", shall receive various benefits following business expansion, so we hope you can look forward to it.

■ Affiliate privilege ------------------- Owners club members who have introduced "+ (plus) membership" customers will receive "2%" by Mango points according to the "+ (plus) membership" sales.

(For example, if the sales amount is 200,000 JPY, 4,000 Mango points will be awarded)

*Affiliate privilege occurs only when Owners Club members introduce "+ (plus) membership" customers.

*Schedule and project contents such as the date shown are only planned and not guaranteed

*The project is subject to be revised, such as change of contents and condition, in case social and economic situation change, revision and abolition of various laws, natural disasters, and other unavoidable circumstances occur.

2019-06-12 11:32:28
Posted 2 years ago by Mango Exchange